New Scientific Realities are Changing Our Evolution

url1-250669_260x260Over the centuries and different cultures, there have been many belief systems developed about who we are and where we come from. The answers to these questions have always changed as the cultures learn, change, grow and mature and sometimes those belief systems fade away with the culture that designed them, such as with the Native Americans. Our current culture is based on a complex combination of belief systems based on various religions, like New Christianity, and Newtonian Physics and Darwinian Evolution. All of these have congealed to a belief heavy in materialism and competition, with complete disregard to moral code, the Mother Earth and non-physical energy systems. In a speech given by Bruce Lipton at the 2009 IONS International Conference, he says you can use your brain and be Einstein or you can use an Uzi and be a brute. Either means can make you a leader in this civilization based on competition and ignorant of morality. As a result, the people in this culture accumulate as much material possible to beat everyone else in the race for survival.

I’m on exactly the same page as Bruce Lipton regarding this evolutionary state. And, I am in agreement with him that it is evolving once again. Our history shows that when a civilization evolves, it either changes itself into something new or it completely dies off, and he stresses in his writing that there is no guarantee in this world which way a society will go. He references a few of the vastly different core societal belief systems we’ve had throughout history.

DNA-DestinyDNA DestinyOur society now, spurred by findings (or rather surprises) in the Human Genome Project and Quantum Physics have led people to a new belief, matter is energy, therefore we are made of energy, and energy shapes matter. Bruce Lipton takes his theory of Epigenetics one step further and states our genes do not control our biology. Our perceptions, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes actually rewrite out genetic code. He claims there are 30,000 variations to every gene that can be manifested with our response to life. The stiff coldness of survival of the fittest is shattered in this new belief system. Mother Nature doesn’t care who’s the fittest or who thinks they won the game. Our new evolution is based on cooperation and community, not individualism.

We are not victims of our genes and our material world.

Our thoughts, actions, and beliefs shape our material world. We are witnessing a true leap in evolution, based on great findings in the mathematics and physics that shape our belief systems. I highly suggest reading the entire article referenced above if you are interested in past belief systems and how they have been replaced over the centuries. It’s incredibly interesting stuff. You can also find more about Bruce Lipton at


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