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The Most Damaging Beliefs

Posted on May 9, 2013

The Most Damaging Beliefs

Everyone uses a belief system. It’s kind of like the software or blueprint our ego uses to function in society and in our day-to-day lives. Our belief system determines every decision we make and every relationship we choose. But, as most modern folks know, if your computer software isn’t updated or upgraded every so often, it just doesn’t function anymore. Other programs won’t link to it, newer software won’t recognize it or talk to it, and it causes all kinds of friction, stress, and malfunctions. It’s considered primitive and will eventually move beyond obsolete into dysfunctional. So too is your belief system. If you’d really like a belief system upgrade, meditate on a few of these most damaging beliefs and see if you can find one to disassemble. Remember, your upgrade is FREE!

Believing what we can perceive through our senses is real and what is invisible is unreal.
This belief is very restricting in that it interferes greatly with learning, expansion, and awakening. How can you believe you are a spiritual being having a human experience if you can’t identify, study, and label that part of your essence that is the real you? For the entire history of the human race, we have been amazed by the things around us. We study the stars, generate theories on the earth’s composition, study earth’s weather patterns, revere the gestation and birth of a child, and this fascination has created this belief within us.

Believing your religion is true and correct and all others are untrue and incorrect.
So many people believe spirituality can be found outside of them and that their God is someone that communes with them in a particular building or favors a particular organization above all others. This instantly creates division and comparison, blossoming into prejudices and segregation. That higher power we all seek to join with is actually carried within us. We are always connected to that great and mysterious power source that created us. We can all tap into that divine spark whenever we feel the need and it never leaves us or dictates rules to follow. You don’t need permission to be one with your own personal version of God, and the true source of all this amazing life and abundance has no restrictions or tests or boundaries. The higher self you seek to bond with is actually just… you.

Beliefs that impede on the rights of others.
The belief “whoever dies with the most toys wins” comes to mind. People who spend most of their waking hours thinking up ideas to accumulate wealth regardless of the damage they leave in their wake are way off base in their thinking. People who impose their will on others, such as a man that enforces his conservative family views by making his wife perform homemaker duties regardless of what she would like to do. I see these folks everywhere, in the boss-employee relationship, the mother-daughter relationship, the teacher-student relationship, and any other relationship you can imagine. Being a dictator lessens the quality of life of those you dictate.

Beliefs generated from fear.
Many of our beliefs come from those that raise us. We adopt these beliefs as truth because from our perspective, it is all we have ever known. But, many of these beliefs are outdated and based on the fears of our previous generations. Racism is a great example of this. A strongly held belief can be generated from a traumatic event, as well. Beliefs generated from fear are extremely stubborn and can pose a huge challenge to overcome.

Self-limiting beliefs.
I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say, “I’m fine with this job because it’s all I know how to do”, or “I’m settling with marrying Jeff because I don’t think I’ll be able to do any better.” These beliefs are usually generated from a low opinion of one’s self.

Self-defeating beliefs.
We can all think of someone who grew up believing they were somehow defective, unimportant, or unlovable and carried that belief with them into adulthood. Perhaps that child was you. Just imagine how damaging that belief can be to all aspects of this now-adult life. It affects every relationship and situation. Having negative feelings about yourself is one of the most damaging beliefs because of its broad reach into every nook and cranny of a person’s life.