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Our Responsibility in the Realm of Planetary Evolution

Posted on Jul 5, 2013

Our Responsibility in the Realm of Planetary Evolution

In these days of troubled times, it may be good to remember our responsibility in the larger context of the planetary evolution.  Then we will not be thinking only of our own personal advancement in the material or spiritual realms.   There is openness in the psychology of a person who shows interest in understanding the deeper issues of life, body and mind.  With that openness, self-awareness establishes itself as a constant companion; that way one becomes a channel for higher energies to descend on humanity.

Eckhart Tolle makes our spirits buoyant by saying that positive forces are already at work on this planet. He says that it is not so apparent because the negative forces are making a louder noise!  That should give us enough encouragement.  We get charged and move towards applyingourselves in that direction.

There are people who have developed attachment to some religious beliefs and the associated prophecies.  They believe that the world is doomed and will come to an end soon; the chosen people will go to heaven and the rest will go to dogs. They seem to like the idea!  If you are not one among them, you can help produce a transformation in the collective consciousness towards bringing about a world of happy human beings.  The work begins with oneself and spreads like the ripple from the impact of a stone on the placid waters of a lake.  All that is needed is the eagerness to understand the wider consciousness of which the mind is a small part.  Then our perspectives expand and we conduct our daily life from the point of view of personal and planetary transformation, not by the usual drive of personal aggrandizement and self-centered activities.  One would not be guided by the ego to put up some spiritual goal in order to be in the good books of God.  Sectarian religious practices that divide people into wrangling groups will be seen as detrimental to bringing about human unity and collective wellbeing.

hands around worldIndividually and collectively, we now have the opportunity to participate in the emergence of a new culture – one in which there is the beginning and the culmination of the long, majestic process of planetary evolution.  What triggers interest in that direction is the serious questioning of accepted norms created by conventional approaches, spiritual or otherwise.   One would stay away from atheism and agnosticism too, as they also sustain the ways of the ego.

Messages from paranormal phenomena, such as the near death experience and the out-of-body experience, can help us a lot in our understanding of the responsibility towards planetary transformation.  They can inspire us to treat each day as an honored element of life on this planet.  Those messages enrich our individual lives while also giving momentum to the evolution of consciousness on Earth.  The journey of life becomes venerable and it reflects in the sacredness of our relationships.  It would be based on unconditional love and wholeness as direct perceptions from the vaster consciousness, rather than as instructions to be followed from religious necessities or moral concepts.  You may remain unknown to the public and media because there will be no hankering after social fame on your part.  One understands that basking under the social image can create obstruction to self-awareness and the inner dive.  Here one is reminded of the Taoist question “Can one love all beings and govern them without being known?”

The Author: T.C Gopalakrishnan is a member of the International Association for Near Death Studies, Durham, NC, USA.. He presented a paper at the 2011 conference of the Association on the topic ‘Spiritual Content of Near Death Experiences’  Website:      Blog: