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A Look at Master Charles Cannon and His New Meditation Technology

Posted on Feb 5, 2013

A Look at Master Charles Cannon and His New Meditation Technology


Master Charles Cannon is a spiritual leader with roots in India as a student under Swami Paramahansa Muktananda, one of the most highly-recognized Eastern Mystics of the last century. In the early 80’s he came to America and founded Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, now a 450-acre retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia. He also lived through an incredibly tragic ordeal while in India and wrote a book on it titled, “Forgiving the Unforgivable.”

Thursday (Jan 24, 2013) he held an event at University of California San Diego, sharing his high-tech meditative music in a two hour class. In an article I found on the PRWEB through Yahoo news, Master Cannon describes what he is trying to accomplish.

“With life and work demanding so much from us, many believe that finding time to meditate is nearly impossible. I find the opposite to be true,” says Master Charles. “Meditation has become essential, if we are to retain our sanity in this accelerated world. And time, as Einstein theorized and veteran meditators experience, is relative. While technology makes life more frenetic, it can also be harnessed to deliver a more focused, precise meditative experience. That’s what High-Tech mediation provides.”

In my research, Master Charles Cannon appears to be one of the original users of binaural beat technology to enhance meditative states, which is the research his meditation music is designed around. The Synchronicity Foundation website is full of useful and interesting information about him and what the Foundation offers, and can be found at