• Achieve States of Harmony Contentment and Lightness
  • Experience Enhanced Mental Physical and Emotional States
  • Stimulate Creativity and Enhance Production
  • Access Channel Binaural Audio Instant MP3 Download
  • Positive Mindset Binaural Audio Instant MP3 Download
  • Expanded Awareness Binaural Audio Instant MP3 Download
  • Free Flow Delta Meditation Instant MP3 Download
  • Horizons - Theta / Delta Instant MP3 Download
  • Tsukiyama Skyway - Theta Instant MP3 Download
  • Transcendence - Theta Instant MP3 Download
  • Downloadable Guided Meditation Audio
Achieve States of Harmony Contentment and Lightness1 Experience Enhanced Mental Physical and Emotional States2 Stimulate Creativity and Enhance Production3 4 Access Channel Binaural Audio5 Positive Mindset Binaural Audio6 Expanded Awareness Binaural Audio7 Free Flow Delta Meditation8 Horizons - Theta / Delta9 Tsukiyama Skyway - Theta10 Transcendence - Theta11 Downloadable Guided Meditation Audio12
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Soundshift is an innovator in high definition binaural sound design music for meditation, brain training, and consciousness expansion. Our V-Wave Digital Audio is the next generation of binaural beat technology.

Our products help you harness the healing power of your natural subconscious brainwave states better than ever to achieve peak results. Through meditation, our V-Wave Audio helps you reduce stress, conquer obstacles, strengthen spiritual connections, generate positive energy, increase health and wellbeing, advance perception, connect with the higher self, develop your memory, grow compassion and intuition, master your mind, and increase prosperity and happiness. Our prices are low to reflect our principles of sharing and expanding awareness and wellness.


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The articles in our blog discuss topics of Meditation, Consciousness, Natural Health, and New Science of the mind and brain-body connection.

We also offer a wide range of books, dvd’s, events, workshops, online courses, and guided meditations.

Download our 100% FREE full-length binaural audio tool to hear why we are a groundbreaker in the field of binaural beat digital brainwave audio and music technology and modern hi-tech meditation. Our instantaneous download is an MP3 in 320 bitrate with little compression to keep the quality as high as possible and can be listened to on any MP3 device with earbuds or headphones.

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“You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.”
Alan Watts