Soundshift is an innovator in high definition binaural sound design and music.
Our V-Wave Digital Audio is the next generation of binaural beat technology.

headphoneiconWhat are binaural beats?

Binaural beats occur when two different tones are played, one to each ear with stereo headphones, and the brain joins the two tones together.  The binaural beat is used to unify brain wave patterns. Learn more about this here. (LINK)

headphoneiconHow do they work?

Our brains run on five different frequencies to achieve certain functions.  Binaural beats help harness these natural frequencies to a more ordered and desirable state. Basically, your brain creates and processes the binaural beat causing improvements in the way it is performing.

headphoneiconHow can I benefit?

Binaural beats have been used for most of the 20th century to positively impact mood and behavior.  To name just a few, you can have improved sleep, concentration, creativity, emotional state, focus, memory, and dreams. You can melt away stress and tension, ease pain, and be more receptive to the enjoyments of life.

headphoneiconWhy Soundshift?

We are the next generation of binaural engineering with the design of our V-Wave Technology. All of Soundshift’s state-of-the-art products are High Definition with superior audio production, sound design, and fantastic music that surrounds you in total relaxation.


10 Minute Samples (Stereo Headphones Required) 
Full Length HD Versions Avalible in our Downloads Section

Freeflow Meditation 1.9hz

+MST Positive Mindset